UKNakedMen - Vito Marciano & John Decker

Duration: 20:15 Views: 482 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: carry it all on! We return in the sweaty dug of this gents locker room and respect the bristling bruiser of this exact sexy - John Decker and the stunning young tyke - Vito Marciano. I really don't know who is the luckiest - John burying hislarge, big, juicy, raw prick up into his balls into Vito's tasty, bare-back hole or plucky, spunky young Vito, to the front end of that uncut whopper. These handsome, sexy gents fuck up a storm because Vito clings into the locker, bends across the seat and takes that pummelling span every that way John can flex him. Vito requires a raw ploughing and seeding, like there's no tomorrow. Our lads fuck their sweaty mess up for your fun!
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