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Javier Cruz And Sean Christopher

Duration: 21:17 Views: 784 Submitted: 2 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Javier Cruz and Sean Christopher takes things slow at first, kissing gently as they undress and then reaching for the meat next, and Sean goes down on Javier as he works Javier’s cock with his mouth and hand. Javier watches as Sean sucks on his dick, but then they swap and it’s Javier with his mouth full of sweet cock once he goes down on Sean. Sean holds the back of Javier’s head, guiding Javier’s mouth deeper over his prick as they guys get harder and hornier by the minute. When they’ve had enough warm up, Sean climbs on top of Javier and slowly lowers his ass onto Javier’s dick, riding it harder once his ass gets accustomed to Javier’s size! Javier takes Sean doggy style next, bending him over and pumping his slow and deep, filling Sean’s ass with his fat cock while Sean moans for more. Sean strokes his own cock, playing with himself as Javier fucks him and then they try a new position as Sean spreads his legs for Javier, letting him get deep inside of him as he pumps him full of dick. With Javier’s cock buried so deep inside of him, it’s not long before Sean cums and when Javier gets in a few more good thrusts, he pulls out and showers Sean with his hot cum!