ActiveDuty - Nathan Vine

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Description: This is Nathan Vine and I know right from the jump he’s gonna be a big star here at ActiveDuty! Nathan just has that irresistible quality that makes you wanna see him in action. Nathan gets nice and comfy on the couch, rocking a strong erection right off the bat. Check out his beautiful balls! Nathan gets his stroke on right away and shows us his sensual method for tugging his boner. Then Nathan goes to his feet to continue pleasuring himself for us. Goodness, he’s a quite a beautiful guy. He has such nice, broad shoulders and an excellent, muscular physique. I certainly enjoy watching him jerk that nice, thick cock. Claude gets some wonderful action from Nathan’s point of view. Wow, this is really where I notice just how exquisite that big, hard dick is. Nathan is blessed with a very nicely shaped cock, that looks just delicious in his strong, masculine hand. Nathan goes back to the couch to finish up, this time though, he spreads out a little more, opening up as he becomes more comfortable in this space, now showing off a little bit for us. With one leg stretched out on the couch, Nathan teases us with a little exposure of his ass! But before he’s through, Nathan takes a rest for a minutes. Claude was good enough to capture the ‘tail end’ of Nathan’s nap, giving us a great look at his plump ass.
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