MormonBoyz - Elder Stewart - PURIFICATION

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Description: It had been a while since Elder Stewart was on his mission. As a missionary, he was able to see and experience the world, more than he thought was available. But now that he has returned home, he is finally getting time to himself. After his mission everything seemed so big and new, but Elder Stewart couldn’t help but miss the simplicity of mission life. He found there was comfort in the structure of it all. Having to be constantly obedient and follow the mission rules just felt right to him. The Order had ordained him before he left and made him a full member of the true and higher priesthood order. And even though he was now a return missionary, the Brethren had no intention of letting their favorite fuck-toy slip through their fingers. He was even more available to them now that he wasn’t paired with a companion or confined to the schedule of a missionary. Still, he felt a little homesick for the place that ripened his sexuality and his hunger to be of service to the Brotherhood. One night when he was alone in his room, he came across his old mission journal. He was curious to see what he’d written and to revisit his past. He opened up to an entry describing an encounter he’d had with Patriarch Smith early in his induction into the fraternal order… Following his trial with the Priesthood Stretcher, Patriarch Smith took a particular interest in the young boy’s talents. He’d heard from the Brethren how impressed they were by how far he’d gone down the bench and the patriarch knew he had to experience this for himself. Patriarch Smith called a meeting of his own with Elder Stewart, stating that the young man still had more preparation to undergo before his initiation. Luckily for him, the wide-eyed Mormon was mystified with the rituals of the Order and determined to prove his obedience. Walking into the dark room, Elder Stewart immediately became nervous at the sight of the handsome man. Patriarch Smith had caught his eye several times during his mission, but the two had never been alone together. He often fantasized about what that encounter might be like, and his excitement for this moment was beginning to show through his pants. He focused desperately on making his erection go down, trying to hard hide his desire. Patriarch Smith, on the other hand, was visibly amazed at how young this elder appeared. After instructing the young boy to begin undressing, he saw just how slight and narrow his body was. With barely any muscles developed, he looked like he hadn’t even hit puberty. It wasn’t until Elder Stewart removed his temple garments that his large, heavy testicles were revealed. There was no doubt then for the patriarch that this boy was more man than child. Amused by the juxtaposition of the large genitals on such a small frame, the older man playfully smacked his balls around, watching as his fat cock flopped around. Patriarch Smith could see this had an effect on the boy as his penis began to slowly swell. He turned him around, examining Elder Stewart’s perfect, pillowy butt. Patriarch Smith could barely control his animal urges, pawing at his cheeks, biting at them, smacking them, watching them shake and become bright red with each firm smack. Bending him over a high, black bench, he continued to examine his round backside. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was. This boy’s butt quickly become something of an obsession for him. His desire to own it and use it soon led him to grab and spank harder and faster, roughly handling his flesh like he was kneading dough. Seeing Elder Stewart splay-legged, hole exposed, and completely submissive, Patriarch Smith grabbed from his bag a long, firm dildo. Bringing it to the side, just within eyesight of Elder Steward, he pumped out some ceremonial oil and lubed up the thick shaft. Stewart’s eyes widened, surprised by the size of the toy. Just to tease the anxious boy, Patriarch Smith began to gently smack it against his spherical cheeks. The heft of the phallus only made the boy more nervous, but his cock kept getting harder thinking about how it would feel inside him. This handsome man’s firm and demanding use of his tender body was completely turning him on! Patriarch Smith continued to tease the boy’s butt, running the slick, wet dildo between his ample cheeks, dragging its smooth texture across the sensitive mouth of his ass. Meanwhile, a big, strong hand twisted and stroked the head of Elder Stewart’s large cock. Before too long, the horny boy’s hole was completely lubed up, hungry for the dildo and practically drooling to be filled. As Patriarch Smith circled it around his hole, the toy’s head found purchase between the boy’s cheeks and began to slip inside. Elder Stewart moaned as the object moved in one smooth motion deeper and deeper into him, only stopping once he felt its base brush against his soft ass. Impressed, Patriarch Smith pulled the toy out, driving his young ward wild. Elder Stewart began to stroke his cock as Patriarch Smith continued to smack and shake the young boy’s butt. Smith took the dildo again, pushing it back inside Elder Stewart, once again, in one, long, continuous motion. And again. And again. Each time feeling less resistance as the boy’s ass seemed to beg to swallow down each inch of the toy. Patriarch Smith fucked the boy faster and deeper with his big tool, knowing that his own daddy dick would be working this sweet boy’s hole very soon…
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