Colbys Crew - Colby Jansen & Brandon Jones - He Shoots He Scores!

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Description: If there is one thing that a rainy day can do, it’s to elevate - no, agitate, every hot jock’s pent up sexual frustrations. With his girlfriend out of town and a good hockey game on TV, Colby Jansen is no exception. Sporting his Buffalo Sabers t-shirt, this hot-blooded hunk is ready to watch his favorite team play. He answers the door and greets the first of several guys who he invited over to watch the game. An early (and obviously very eager) Brandon Jones shows up. He has a plan, and he’s hoping to execute it before any of the other guys arrive. As the two guys are waiting for the game to start, Colby starts telling Brandon about the issues he has been having lately with his girlfriend. Brandon doesn’t seem surprised and reminds Colby that girls are full of drama, that’s why he dates guys. Brandon subtly starts flirting with an obviously horned up Colby, who appears to appreciate the attention. He also doesn’t seem to disagree with Brandon’s comment “a hole is a hole!” With his cheeky and nervous smile, Colby is processing all this attention and rationalizing things pretty quickly. Brandon, on the other hand, doesn’t waste any time. The clock is ticking. Determined to take advantage of Colby’s obvious horny mood, he darts right for Colby’s crotch and turn’s our Jock’s hot dick into his favorite lollipop. These hairy guys are going at it full tilt, as Colby face fucks Brandon’s mouth. Soon he gets down on his knees as Colby works wonders around Brandon the goalkeeper’s goalpost, stick-handling his way into the net like a true master player. This is one of those times when the goalie actually is happy as hell with letting his opponent score, and score, and score. Colby switches it up several times as he gets Brandon to ride his cock and then throws him on his back to plow his ass even harder. Colby’s sexual appetite gets the better of him, as he decides to suck Brandon’s pretty stiff rod. No hitting the goalpost here! It goes right in. Colby switches over to licking Brandon’s balls, only to top it all off with another pounding of his opponent’s hole. Brandon shoots, then Colby scores! Or, is it the other way around…. No matter how you slice it, this was one winning game! Winner: Colby’s Crew!