TwinksInShorts - Shane Hirch and Nick Vargas

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Description: If you're a masseuse, people come to you to make them feel better. Sooner or later, however, the one giving the massage is going to need one himself. What do you? Well, if you're sexy hottie Nick Vargas, you seek out dark-haired beefy hunk Shane Hirch and barter. Shane wastes little time getting his hands slippery with oil, working Nick's sore muscles. But as he massages Nick, Shane's mind soon turns to another muscle. A thick and juicy muscle throbbing between Nick's legs. Shane removes the lingerie style underwear and immediately starts massaging the mouth watering cock using his lips, tongue and hand. The handsome fuckers trade places and this time, it's Nick giving Shane a much needed blowjob, expertly sucking the uncut tool. After a while, Nick needs more pressure. He flips Shane over, rims him a bit, then plunges his already slick raw cock inside Shane's waiting asshole. Pounding the hunk bareback, Nick fucks Shane on his belly before rolling him onto his back to get maximum penetration. You can just feel the slickness as Nick bareback fucks Shane, teasing the sweet pink fuckhole before fucking the cum out of him and blasting his own seed all over Shane's hot muscled jock ass. Now that's how you relieve tension!