CorbinFisher - ACS - Bailey Rides Barron

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Description: Barron puts that massive cock of his to good use with a brown-haired buxom beauty. We were able to admire its size and girth when he jerked off for the cameras in his introductory solo - but that doesn’t compare to seeing that monster in action! Barron’s cock looks even bigger in Bailey’s small mouth, but getting a feel of that length and girth - you know she’s dying to feel it balls deep in her wet hole! There’s no missing a cock that big and she immediately moans and whimpers when he slides insider her. Now we get to see what Barron can do - and it’s quite a lot! This blond hunk knows how to fuck and has absolutely no reservations! Fucking out in the open, not only does Barron flood his lucky coed with almost endless shots after shots of cum, he runs his tongue all along her soaked body - swallowing up his load!