MasqueradeMen - Mike Fills Him Up - Mike & Ty Tucker

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Description: Big Mike is back with his 11 1/2 inches of thick hard dick, and "Wow!!" does he know how to make a return to the spotlight! The guy genuinely wants to put on the best performance possible for his growing base of fans, so he asked to fly in early for some one-on-one training off camera. As you'll see, his dedication paid off! We also did minimal directing and cuts for his first Masquerade Men fuck scene so that his session with Ty, another new addition, could be as "real" as possible. Those who are familiar with how most porn is (over-)produced will fully understand what we mean, and you'll notice how seamlessly their passionate positions in bed flow together from beginning to pounding hot ending. One indicator that speaks volumes: he only used one condom in the entire scene because he never had to take it off, a first for us!