Natural Born Breeders - Jake Marshall & Steve Sommers

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Description: Jake Marshall and Steve Sommers are together for some good daddy breeding, in this raw Natural Born Breeders scene. The two hot daddies chill out on the couch, Jake sucking Steve’s cock, getting it nice and lubed up . The two dads take turns banging each other, bareback, getting rough with each other’s tight holes and bodies. Jake takes his turn topping (playing daddy) first, bending Steve over like a good boy and pounding his ass good with his rod (making it shake with every “slap”). Steve soon gets his turn to assume the “daddy” role, and gets Jake bent over on the couch, and fucks him doggy-style. After a lot of hot and heavy humping and moaning, Jake rides Steve’s cock, wanting his “boy” to breed his nice round ass and tight daddy hole. “I’m getting ready to cum, daddy,” Steve moans, really in to their “daddy power play” as he gets to shoot his load and breed Daddy Jake. Jake’s nice plump muscled ass milks a good load out of Steve’s nice thick cock and full throbbing balls. Daddy Jake rides Daddy Steve’s cock, Steve playing with Jakes’ muscled chest, as he groans loudly, jacking off his own big dick and shoots a thick creamy load all over Steve’s thick furry chest
Models: Steve Sommers