DreamboyBondage - Johnny Boy - Broken At 18 - Part 2

Duration: 18:02 Views: 306 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: Nobody flogs a boy better than Felix Frost. Felix really lays into high-school jock Johnny Boy, making the kid wince and gasp through his tape gag as his lean, muscular torso turns pink. “Do you want it to stop? Do you want to go home?” Felix asks the teenager. “Yes!” Johnny Boy answers. “Yes, what?” Felix replies, tasing Johnny’s abs. “Yes, sir! I’m sorry, sir!” Johnny replies, trembling from the pain, even though the Taser is on a low setting meant to inflect pain but not debilitate. Felix uncuffs Johnny’s wrist from the wall. “I’ll let you go if you can get hard,” he says. Johnny is disgusted but will do anything to avoid the pain. He works his cock, getting hard. In addition to his perfect body, Johnny has a huge, beautiful cock. “Take your hand away!” Felix demands, standing back and admiring the foot-long thing jutting out of the kid’s body. Then he tases Johnny again, several times. If you can cum after being tased, I’ll let you go,” Felix says. Of course, it’s a lie. Johnny pumps out a huge load of cum, but his flogging has just begun. Amazingly, he stays semi-hard, his cock dripping cum, as he’s whipped for another hour.