CorbinFisher - Taylor Gets Laid (With Quinn)

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Description: Well, Taylor's certainly made a name for himself since arriving at CF! He's regularly been popping up on to chat with fans and show himself off on camera, and he and Quinn even did a duo show where they fiddled around a little bit. But, Taylor's never gotten in to any full-on guy/guy action - and that's changes right now! With his hot face, amazing body, and incredible ass, Taylor looks great on camera. But we all know hot guys look even hotter when having sex with another man! Seeing how they respond to the new sensations and experiences is always fun to watch, and that's as true here with Taylor as ever. Despite his being knew to all this, his sex drive takes over and he can't help but get caught up in how great it feels to pound Quinn's hole! (By the way... aren't you proud of us for not making any "So-and-so gets stuffed" jokes in today's writeup? Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!)