CollegeDudes - Juan Carlos And Blaine Kross

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Description: Juan Carlos and Blaine Kross press their sexy bodies together as they make out, losing their clothing between kisses as Juan reaches for Blaine’s cock and strokes it through his boxers. Juan is eager to get a taste of that sweet dick and he gets on his knees and gives Blaine head, gagging on that meat as he pushes it down his throat. Blaine gives Juan oral next, laying him down on the bed and kneeling between his legs as he takes that cock in his mouth and gets Juan hard. After he’s enjoyed Blaine’s mouth around his prick, he begs Blaine’s big dick in his ass and Blaine turns him over and slides his throbbing member into Juan’s tight little ass. Juan moans as Blaine penetrates him, stretching his hole as he pulls that hard dick in and out nice and slow, making sure that Juan feels every inch of his long shaft inside of him while they fuck. When Juan turns over onto his stomach and takes Blaine’s dick from that position, it’s not long until Juan shoots his load and then Blaine busts a nut next, covering Juan’s perfect abs in cum!
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