RopedStuds - Ian Greene part 6

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Description: Young boy Ian moans in agony as rope man J.J. squeezes his wounded pecs, which, just moments ago, had been ringed with clothespins. J.J. loves beautiful college boys like Ian, with their tiny waists, big chests, smooth skin and boyish good looks. Roped tight to a concrete pillar by his neck, arms and ankles, Ian screams as his wounded skin is pinched, his lean body is whipped and his plump cock is covered with tiny but nasty clamps - plus an extra nasty one right on the tip! The boy literally vibrates with pain. But J.J. still isn’t satisfied. After whipping Ian, J.J. removes the clamps, fucks the boy with a steel dildo and gets him good and hard - but won’t let him cum.
Models: Ian Greene