Beefcake Hunter - Thomas tracing list

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Description: After this video with beefcake Thomas, I believe that there is not inch in his hot body I have not tasted for the sake of my Hunters! All petitions were heard, some good ones and some crazy ones! well I stood for the reasonable ones , but who can be reasonable at the time when you get a hottie like Thomas in the bedroom? For this shooting I invited Thomas the night before to hang out a little ,along with some of his friends, I made him stay over at the hotel so I can get him fresh for the shooting in the morning, well ..almost afternoon , I wanted to go over with some of your petitions: long rimming, feet worshipping, POV, kissing nipples …( I tried fingering but he did not agree, good for him but anyways this video is all about worshiping Thomas youth and hotness… My favorite part was been on my knees in the bathroom taking care of his ALWAYS hard cock, but I won’t lie I did enjoy a lot the rimming part , I was surprised, also when he was at the shower I really wanted a camera man! I was dying to get under the shower with him…. I hope you guys like this new video with Thomas, I hope most of you got your wish list with this beefcake satisfied …
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