Beefcake Hunter - Sexy dude August got ridden

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Description: Sexy dude August got ridden! Yeah, that’s right! It seems that sexy Beefcake August is not that homesick anymore, since he’s still in town. But without a job, he surely will make the trip from time to time to BeefCakeHunterLand. You know that I had to have him back, even though many Hunters find him too quiet or serious, I just think he is so handsome, with those beautiful eyes, facial hair, and regular next door dude body. Sometimes there is something hot in a little dose of indifference. I will always be happy to take a dose of his tasty balls and ready to give him a slow blow job like I did in this session. When Beefcake August contacted me, he assured me that he was willing to delight me more, and that he would fuck my ass, as he knew he was too shy last time. So, with him being more relaxed I enjoyed very much his hard cock, and well… I took his words and this time not only did this sexy dude August get ridden, but I was able to make him work my hungry hole in a missionary position; what amazing feeling having his face so close to mine. I felt very tempted to kiss him, but I can’t push that much the envelope right? In the missionary position, he got some speed that wasn’t carried over to the doggy style, he was holding his cum since our last video so he was about cum a couple of times while pounding me on my fours. Then he asked me if I was ready, and hell yeah I was, I knew it would be a big amount of cum to be spurring on my butt, when he took a few extra seconds I got anxious Lol, but feeling that was a lot of it I Had to drink some Lol, and believe me, there was a lot more… I hope you guys enjoy this video when sexy dude August got ridden!
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