Beefcake Hunter - August - Edging Pennsylvania straight dude

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Description: Edging Pennsylvania straight dude August wasn’t planned to be an edging video lol, but after months of not receiving a blow job, Beefcake August was having a hard time not cumming too soon so I did my best to prevent it, that is why you see me going again and again to take care of his balls, something that I did Love!, also at moments you see me changing my speed from fast to slow, I won’t lie, I felt very tempted to unleash a frenetic oral session on him (I find him very handsome), but then I realized that I had to take my time with him , especially if I didn’t want him to ejaculate too early in the show! Beefcake August has been in town just for a couple of months and he started missing his girlfriend back in Pennsylvania and whatever he was doing here wasn’t going too well, so he decided to request some financial assistance to us, but maybe after this, he won’t be homesick anymore, right? He told me the he jerked off just the day before of shooting, I told him to wait at least 2 days but he insisted that we should do it very soon, but at the same time he warned me that he may be very nervous and may cum fast, well… I didn’t want to risk not having him in my “Love Sofa” so I took the challenge! I noticed that his armpits were sweating, I play his favorite porn actress, I made him laugh a bit, I did smell his shoes (something that nobody has done to him before, we should be very proud of that Hunters!) but I didn’t venture too much on his upper body, just to be safe this time, but he continued to be a little nervous, looking at his watch several times, was just an anxious move. Before the shooting we agreed that he would make some sign to me with his fingers so I would know he is about to cum, to be honest there were more than two close calls! … lol but he was holding it for so long and yeah, I wanted that load so badly as well, and wow, what amazing sour tasting cum-shot Beefcake August delivered! Edging Pennsylvania straight dude video was the perfect chance to brand on of my new Beefcake Hunter shirts! August is handsome with beautiful eyes and sexy smile; he went straight to my favs list; he reminds me a lot to one of my favorites Beefcakes: Marco. I enjoyed edging this Pennsylvania straight dude, I hope you enjoy this video too!