Beefcake Hunter - Colombian Alex, the catch of the day!

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Description: I saw beefcake Alex at the beach walking back and forth to the water from his spot on the sand, he was surrounded by women and I was very intrigued by his metrosexual looks, I saw a hot body and handsome face but I wasn’t sure about he been straight ,until that moment the moment he kissed the most beautiful woman next to him, his wife, I decide then to give him my card , he has been drinking..I’ve been drinking so I was more relaxed and I was pretty sure that he was too, besides that he looked like a fun and open minded dude, so when I saw him walking to the restroom , I follow him and just before he got there I gave him my card, he was like “a model?” ” ok…let me tell my wife, to see what she says..”…I was like OMG ..ok…thank you! and I flew from there..
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