Beefcake Hunter - JC - Sucking sexy Blatino daddy

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Description: Drawing attractive Blatino dad this time around, while continuing this Latino bonanza at BeefCakeHunter Property Beefcake JC is just a mixture of Dark and Dominican from Nyc, who shifted to California years back. He's been together with his partner for very long time today, although he's not committed. He enjoys her, but he revealed that she's not ldquo;great with her mouth & that & hellip;I am talking about, he is able to reside waste this chance to create some supplemental income, although with that, right? Lol. Particularly now where he worked like a truck-driver that he's dropped his work for a long time. Therefore, he's to complete what he's to complete ? a correct blowjob along with several extra dollars, comes useful in these & ldquo rdquo; times, and like usually, we (BeefCakeHunter Property) are pleased to assist! ?? This hot dad Beefcake is brief but beefy! He's an attractive grin, and he’s really strong together with his hairy thighs, large arms and tattoos throughout (I will consider the sensation of been on his hands…hmm), along with a very suckable dick! Tasty Beefcake JC is extremely easy going, I acquired him into discuss his tattoos, and intercourse…wow! At that time, I had been previously nervous to obtain on my legs and begin having fun with his “snake” (as he calls it). Oh yes! He at some factors got spoken, and is humorous also. I worked his balls actual great, and that I prefer to pull his penis in various rates. Particularly after he trained me to pull simply the top, and that I transformed from quickly to slow… Yes, I'd to pull that penis head gradually, and because he was observing me performing my lips and language around his penis the entire period, it had been all I had a need to enjoy this program…(and perhaps a glass of wine also) Lol. Drawing attractive Blatino dad found finish, after I jerked him down and he sent a-5 times fill so steamy for all of US! I really hope you folks love this particular movie and perhaps we are able to create him return to continue Drawing attractive Blatino dad.