DreamboyBondage - Felix Maze - Anonymous Lust - Part 5

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Description: Felix awakes suddenly, as if from a terrible dream, only to realize the nightmare is real. He is naked, taped to a chair made of metal mesh, covered with a special copper paint that turns the chair into a giant conductor. “Why are you doing this?” Felix whispers right before the first 10-second zap of current flows into his young body. He is such a handsome boy, well-built, blonde and blue-eyed, with a cleft chin and a square jaw, creamy skin and pink nipples, the kind of boy most people want to kiss and caress and fuck. But all we want to do is torture him, enjoying his boyish screams and his lithe body convulsing seductively. After several shocks, Felix feints, but he’s shocked back to reality. “Please…” he begs, but the shocks continue, one after the other.
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