ActiveDuty - Max 03-01-2017

Duration: 28:22 Views: 140 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: This is our newest boy, Max! I like Max right off the jump and I think y’all will too. Chatting with Claude, I can tell he’s an adventurous guy who’ll be willing to test his limits. Isn’t that exactly what we look for around here?Once Max gets his dick nice and hard, he stands up and uses some lube to really get cranking. He’s not afraid to really let his hands wander all over his body. After a little while, Max’s whole chest and stomach are covered in warm oil. We get a nice view of Max’s hard cock from Max’s perspective. Max’s skin tone is such a major turn on here! Seeing those hands work on that stiff erection is such a treat. Then Max goes back to the couch and reclines back, kicking his legs up to really focus on jerking his meat. Some nice, strong-handed tugging leads Max to go back to his feet. He takes advantage of a mirror, admiring himself as he strokes his hard dick, watching his powerful body move with a sensuous rhythm. Eventually, Max heads back to the couch to lay back and pop off a nice, big load. I’m very excited to see more from this fresh soldier.