BadPuppy - Lucas Preston

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Description: Lucas Preston is a young athletic young man and always wanted to pose for the camera or do a video. Today he got the chance and boy, what a cutie he is. Lucas first slips out of his shirt revealing a lean, taunt chest that looks like he definitely plays soccer. As he undoes his pants he lets them slide down his legs revealing that his thick cock is already excited and ready for some action. Apparently Lucas already loves the attention from the camera. Taking his cock in hand, Lucas begins jerking it with a steady rhythm, getting it harder and harder. Lying back on the bed, Lucas pulls his legs back offering us an unobstructed view of his sweet asshole. Lucas licks his fingers and then slowly starts massaging his hole and working his ass with those fingers. Lucas goes back to focusing on his cock, whipping it harder and faster. It’s not long before Lucas starts breathing hard and fast as well. As his cock swells even more, his sweet load of jizz begins erupting from this tip of his cock all over his stomach and drips down the side of his dick. With a satisfied look, Lucas gives the camera one last smile and he’s off in search of his next adventure.