TwinksInShorts - Luke White and Tyler Fox

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Description: Compact and adorable Luke White eagerly awaits his first real massage client. Tall and slender Tyler Fox walks in and Luke immediately gets to work on the twink. Their bodies make for a beautiful contrast, and not just because of the obvious height difference. Just look at Luke's hands as they travel up and down Tyler's body. Dark and swarthy, Luke is confident in his touch and knows he's giving Tyler exactly what the boy needs. But Tyler wants more. He turns around and gets his hands on Luke, rubbing his chest, arms, shoulders and back. They writhe against each other in a sexy but silent sensual sort of dance. Luke gets Tyler face down on the floor then get his hands and torso slippery with oil so there is less friction. He proceeds to knead the twink's young and tender flesh, squeezing in all the right places in a way that's almost like an awakening, like the first time you discovered you liked being with other men, and not just for their company. Luke pays special attention to Tyler's sweet ass, squeezing and kneading, exposing the tasty, wonderfully vulnerable pink opening. What follows is an erotic scene between two handsome young men who focus on touch, the energy they share, and the deliciously creamy magic that comes from some seriously hot frottage and mutual masturbation!
Models: Tyler Fox