NakedSword - Breaking Mr Hart - Dean Phoenix, Remy Cruze & Max Adonis

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Description: Remy Cruze and Max Adonis take the gay porn XXX version of “9 To 5” into after hours as flip fucking and revenge spell the end for Mr. Hart … right along with his marriage. We’ve seen the dirty tricks of the boss from hell, Mr. Hart (Dean Phoenix), ruin the lives of his employees in “Breaking Mr. Hart”, a D.P. Wells film in association with Golden Age Films and presented by NakedSword. First, it was Max Adonis. Then, he almost tettered the marital bliss of Falcon Studios Group exclusive Woody Fox and husband Remy Cuze off its rocker. Last time, it was Pierce Parise who fell victim with Damon Heart, Hart’s henchman. Today, it all comes together as “Breaking Mr. Hart” leaves Mr. Hart naked, broken, and suddenly in need of a divorce lawyer. “The three guys put their plan to take Hart down into action. Finally knocking him out, Rod (Max Adonis) and Victor (Remy Cruze) stage an elaborate three-way with the passed out boss, then find themselves really horny and take the opportunity for a no holds barred flip fuck fest right there next to him. Carry fucking, pile driver fucking, they keep it going creatively while waiting for the last element of the plan to arrive … but will they last long enough?” After slipping a little something something in Mr. Hart’s drink, he was down for a naked pillow fight. And once he was down for the count, Remy found himself up and in Rod. More than up for a trade of the cocks, it was Viktor’s turn next. Timing is everything. After getting in their flip fuck and having things go their way for a change, Rod and Victor blow their loads just as a car pulls in the drive and soon blow up\ Mr. Hart’s life for good. And with that, this workday and the sweet meal of revenge is complete.