CorbinFisher - ACS0038 - Blake (w. Jasmine)

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Description: I'm usually not the biggest fan of tattoos, but Blake's looks just perfect on him. In fact, there's a lot about Blake that just looks great. This studly athlete - a martial arts competitor, among the many sports he plays - has a tight, muscular bod, a hot face, an incredible ass, and a dick that was eager and ready to pound a hot young college girl when Blake came down to shoot a video with us. As quiet and reserved as this young stud is, he has the ability to unleash tons of personality and energy when he chooses. And in this video, he unleashes quite a bit upon Jasmine! In fact, while shooting this video I couldn't help but think about how soft spoken he was when I filmed his intro solo video over on ACM and how hot it was seeing someone go from shy and quiet to pounding a hot chick, their rock hard dick plunging in and out of her, their pants and gasps and muscles tightening and flexing as he went to work!