CorbinFisher - ACS0029 - Luke & Jasmine

Duration: 15:59 Views: 36 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: There was no way I was going to let Luke get away from his shoot without also seeing him in some action! With those big muscles, that supremely masculine face and that huge, thick cock I was dying to see him fuck someone! I was already picturing in my head the image of that thick dick splitting a tight hole open when I asked him if he'd be up for drilling Jasmine for us. Obviously, this video being here means he most definitely was up for that, and quite eager to do it at that! How happy that made me! Everything about Luke is all man, going beyond just the way he looks and how he's built to how he moves and fucks. He totally took charge of this scene with Jasmine, proving he definitely knows his way around a partner and knows how to have some serious sex! He left no doubt in my mind that he gets his fair share of action whenever he wants it, and so I really dug being able to capture some of that on film and share it here