CorbinFisher - ACS0438 - Damon Drills Ashley

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Description: Ashley & new freshman Damon kiss. Ashley takes the lead by removing his shirt. Damon strips off her shirt and bra, sucking on her nipples. Ashley feels his throbbing cock beneath his fly. They lay down across the comforter and continue to kiss. She pulls off his jeans and rubs his hot cock beneath his black boxers. He breathes heavily as she strokes it, then jumps up to remove her jeans and panties at the same time. He is rock hard beneath his boxers as he enjoys her nipples again and moves down to eat her out. He tongues her pussy hungrily. “That feels good,” she tells him. Damon’s cock springs free of his underwear, and he strokes his hard shaft as he eats Ashley out. He moves across the bed to straddle her, as she sucks his cock from beneath him, eagerly massaging and sucking his balls He taps his hard cock on her face, and she deep throats it, switching between cock-sucking and stroking his dick while sucking his balls. Damon wants more. He shoves his dick into Ashley with one quick thrust. He pumps her as she lays flat on her back. She whimpers with pleasure. Damon pounds her harder. He bends toward her to kiss Ashley, but doesn’t stop thrusting deep into her. His balls are tight against the shaft of his cock in excitement. “Want me to ride you?” Ashley suggests. Damon lies on his back and she straddles his hard dick. The bed rocks as she rides that thick cock as hard as she can. Ashley takes a break and sucks his dick, lubing it up before saddling up for another ride. Ashley gets on all fours so Damon can pound her doggy-style. He slaps her ass, and drills her even faster. He grabs her shoulders and pulls her further onto his cock with each thrust. Damon pounds Ashley even harder, plowing deeper and deeper into her.Damon pulls out and sprays a thick load on her back. He plasters her back and heart-shaped ass with his cum. Still rock hard, Damon kisses Ashley after her wild ride.