CorbinFisher - ACS0482 - Tiffany Rides Tanner

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Description: Tiffany gets to be the first one to ride new freshman, Tanner. Let me tell you, I am actually jealous! Tanner has completely won me over. His Southern charm, his muscled bod, his piercing eyes … woof, I better get a hold of myself. Anyway, Tiffany was a little sleepy and Tanner promised to wake her up. He sure did! Tanner is so relaxed and natural on camera. He’s that way around the studio as well, even though he juts kind of smolders with sexual energy. I can’t tell if he knows how hot he is, or he just sits back and enjoys knowing guys and girls stare at him when he walks around. Tiffany gets on her knees and sucks Tanner’s cock. She swallows his dick, licks the shaft and head. Tiffany loves to suck dick anyway, but she seems to really be enjoying Tanner. Tanner gets Tiffany on the couch and pulls her pants off. He goes down on her, and makes Tiffany squirm with pleasure. They move into a 69 position so Tanner can feed her more cock as he buries his face in her pussy. Tanner sits down and Tiffany climbs on top of his dick. She grinds against him, bouncing up and down as she rides him. She can’t stop kissing him - who can blame her! Tanner has some extremely kissable lips. He stuffs his cock into her as she rides him in a reverse-cowgirl. Bending Tiffany over, Tanner fucks her from behind. He slaps her ass the way she loves, as he pounds her. He fucks her until he pulls out to blow a huge jet of cum all the way up her back! See why I am jealous?