Corbinfisher - ACS0452 - Chandler Fucks Courtney

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Description: Chandler and Courtney make out. They are on their knees on the bed. Chandler kisses Courtney’s lacy black bra and breasts. Courtney kisses Chandler’s chest and abs, moving her lips to his soft cotton boxers. She pulls back the elastic band, and pulls out his hardening cock. She sucks his dick. As Courtney does this, Chandler unsnaps her bra and releases her tits. Chandler flips Courtney onto her back. He kisses her breasts then removes her shorts. His long cock dangles between her legs as he kisses her feet and calves. He draws down the string of her lace panties from both hips as he kisses her inner thighs. Chandler’s dick springs upward and he strokes it as he eats her pussy. She writhes on the mattress and he moves to kiss her mouth while he rubs his cock against her pussy. Chandler stands on the bed, and pushes his thick dick into Courtney’s mouth. She swallows the entire length of his shaft. He tells her to stick her tongue out and he taps his cock on it before sliding it deep down her throat. His cock bends as she attempts to deep throat his entire length. Courtney chokes it down as best she can. He tells her how to lick the tip and the entire shaft. She moves to suck and nibble his balls. Courtney stands on the bed and Chandler’s hand teases her pussy. He bends to his knees on the mattress to eat her out. He flips her to the mattress to lay her on her back. “Put that cock inside of me,” she demands, and he rubs the red tip against her pussy lips. Chandler sinks his cock into her. She squeals at only the first few inches inside her. Finally, he drills her deep with the entire shaft and begins to pound her. She clenches the mattress as he nails her from above. They fuck in the missionary position thrusting the entire length of his massive dick deep into her. Chandler turns Courtney on her side, and continues to nail her. He watches his cock disappear deep into her tight pussy. Turning her over further, Chandler spins her until she is on her belly, and he fucks her from behind. . “Bounce that ass up against me,” he tells her, and the fuck session intensifies. They fuck doggy-style, only pausing momentarily for Chandler to withdraw his cock, then slam his thick cock back into her with one thrust. Chandler flips Courtney over onto her back and uses his hand to finger her pussy and clit. When she is wet with excitement, he bows down to eat her pussy. The couple switches positions and Chandler lays on his back, with Courtney on her knees sucking and worshipping his big dick. She spits on it before swallowing his cock, while using one hand to play with his balls and tease Chandlers ass. When he is ready, Courtney mounts him, riding him in a cowgirl position. He bangs her from beneath her. Finally, the couple returns to doggy-style, over the edge of the bed, where Chandler fucks her from behind. Chandler pulls out to blow a thick white load onto her firm ass. He rubs his hard dick through his jizz before pushing it back into Courtney’s pussy. With their bodies moist and wet, the couple kisses and moves to kiss and relax atop each other on the bed.