Str8Hell - Martin vs Mirek - WRESTLING

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Description: Mirek Madl and Martin Polnak are paired in a submission wrestling match. They begin my doing some warming up exercises. Then it is on with the match. Quickly they rolling all over the mats as they try to get a good hold on each other. Mirek is first to manage that and wins the round. Then he suggests they remove their underwear before continuing. Naked, they resume the match and are back to grappling to get good hold. Martin opens his account with a decent hold. As they strain the sinews of their muscles they move around on the mats, with asses spreading and cocks flailing. Some untoward holds, involving ball squeezing, comes into play too. Martin manages to offset most of Mirek's efforts to move into a commanding lead, at 8-2. They take a break to oil each other all over and then resume again. Martin continues in his winning ways and end up as the victor. Then they settle down on the mats for a wank off. As they wank they take a turn at pulling on each other's cock. Then they concentrate to see who can cum first. Martin wins that race, shooting his cum onto his belly. Then Mirek wanks hard and fast and dumps his load too. They wipe each other clean and then go off to the shower.
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