CorbinFisher - ACS0076 - Alex and Kelli

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Description: I was watching a nature show on TV the other day and a frequent theme in the show was male animals doing what they had to do to attract mates. Throughout the animal kingdom, males have all sorts of ways to attract females, including not only the things they do and actions they take but also just their appearance. If you look at the male peacock and compare it to the female peacock, there's no doubt which one is the more beautiful specimen. Likewise the male lions have the impressive form and mane and male birds of paradise are colorful and remarkable to look at while the females, for the most part, are just rather drab-looking. Male mallards are colorful and catch your eye, whereas the females don't have the same kind of impressive and eye-catching coloring. Don't get me wrong, here! I'm not dissing females or saying that female beauty doesn't exist. It most certainly does! I might have no what I'm talking about! hehe. But I couldn't help have all that pop into my head while watching this show. Regardless, it seems a pretty common theme throughout nature that males are just built to catch your eye and draw your attention. We gay men have known about this for a mighty long time Take Alex, for example. Bulging muscles - with a buff chest and big arms - and even a face that adds to his looking so strong and powerful. His physique is, without a doubt, impressive. At the gym or on the street, he turns heads and no one - male or female, straight or gay - could be faulted for turning their heads to look at him or fixing their gaze on him for some extra time. Like so many of the young studs we work with, Alex is pure stud. In nature, a primal sense tells you a strong and powerful specimen of man would make a great mate. Here on ACS, nature's unleashed as strong and powerful Alex proves himself worthy of his form and fucks the heck out of one lucky lady!