CorbinFisher - ACS0120 - Dawson & Lucas' Bi Tag Team

Duration: 15:44 Views: 7 719 Submitted: 1 year ago
Description: I wonder if the guys appreciate just how wonderfully scandalous a hot, bisexual sex 3some (with 2 straight guys and a girl!) looks! It's just so... naughty! We've all seen Dawson and Lucas show of just what studs they are and how sexual they are. Each one of them absolutely loves to fuck and does a stellar job of it whenever in action. We've seen them each have some truly intense orgasms and seen them each wrapped up in an incredible amount of pleasure. This performance ramps all of that up a bit, though, as I think something clicked in the back of each of their heads that told them fucking the heck out of Cassie was all that more intense and amazing with a fellow ripped, muscular, masculine straight stud not just right there alongside them but doing stuff with them as well! As Dawson drills Cassie doggy style, he's sucking on Lucas's rock-hard cock. It seems that act just fired him up as much as it fired me up to be there filming it all, and he blows off an incredible load fairly early in the vid! There's a dynamic to these bi vids that is really fascinating to observe, especially among guys like Dawson and Lucas that we've come to know quite well. They are pushed to fuck and suck that much harder and more intensely and are driven to be as into any and everything that's taking place by this subconscious sense of competitiveness that comes into the situation when they're in the midst of this 3way. It all makes for some great sex!