CorbinFisher - ACS0599 - Trent Bangs Jamie 2

Duration: 15:06 Views: 759 Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Sometimes it's those little moments that really make seeing a guy in action so hot. A couple of those little moments in this hot episode that stand out to me include Trent walking around a little bit as he and Jamie switch positions, as we see that big, hard dick of his pointed straight out and bouncing around; the look on Trent's face as he lays back and Jamie starts to ride him; and the soft way Trent moans out that he's going to cum. Trent's a stud, no doubt. He has himself a hot body and a great dick, and he clearly loves to fuck. He's also, though, so clearly turned on throughout the action here and can so hardly believe he has the opportunity to fuck for us that he really does look like he can blow his load at any second. While it's a soft and quiet moan when he announces he's about it cum, it's a big load that flies up and out and all over.