Steven Raider & Florian Mraz

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Description: Steven Raider is in the kitchen, enjoying some down time on a lazy Saturday morning, when new roommate Florian Mraz walks in. Steven, an adorable Twink-faced hottie, puts his phone down to chat with the massage student and next thing you know, Florian's got his eager hands all slippery with oil, rubbing them all over Steven's torso. Wasting little time, Florian reaches into Steven's baggy shorts to pull out a fat, uncut cock worth drooling over. The two take turns blowing each other, kissing in between (and you can just about imagine what they must taste like!) right there in the kitchen, with jock Florian using his hands and mouth to massage Steven's cock. And, oh! The look on Florian's face when he Steven sprays a huge load of jizz all over himself. Aaahhh! Pure nirvana.
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