DreamboyBondage - Wyatt - Playtime part 6

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Description: After spending hours on the cross, slave-boy Wyatt is now bound wrist-to-ankle in a steel brace, his back painfully arched, his knees locked, his lean, shapely body shaved smooth, naked and exposed. Wyatt’s master, Jared, enters and slaps the concrete floor with his bullwhip. “I’m going to make you fucking scream for me today!” he says. “Yes, sir. Anything to please you sir!” Wyatt replies, moaning in anticipation. The first blow slices into his skin. “Thank you, sir!” Wyatt says, after gasping in pain. A dozen more slices of the whip follow, leaving the young slave’s chest and abs crisscrossed with horrible welts. Jared is so turned on, at one point he licks and chews his wounded slave’s freshly whipped pecs, then rubs down the wounds, with his hands and feet, making the boy yelp with pain.
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