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CorbinFisher - ACM - Zachary Fucks Beau

Duration: 18:59 Views: 6 448 Submitted: 1 year ago Submitted by:
Description: Put two young, athletic guys together and of course they’re going to find a way to compete. Though Beau smokes him on the parallel bars at the park, Zachary’s still the real winner here because he gets to take full advantage of Beau’s mouth and ass when they get back home. (Is it any surprise that Beau’s name means handsome?) After some enthusiastic cock-worshipping, Beau rides Zachary’s dick and then gets pounded on the couch. It’s a treat to watch these two guys hook up - Zachary’s smooth body looks great while he’s fucking Beau, who’s just the right amount of hairy. Covered in cum, all Beau has to say is “so sexy” and I tend to agree with him!
Channel: Twinks