PeterFever - Gabe Dalessandro, Jessie Lee - Mr Hardball Part 4

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Description: PeterFever - Ken Ott, Gabe Dalessandro, Cody Hong, Jessie Lee - Mr. Hardball Part 7 - Sex Party I have been working the boys hard, and they me; it's time we just strip and get wet. Of course, with all this dangling' cock, I put it to good use with some lap dancing; I am always working on them to improve. Ken Ott goes first; hmm, he's so pliable. Gabe Dalessandro gives me a nice show, and his cock seems to continuously be in the "batter up" position. Cody Hong then follows with a lack-luster job; this boy needs to show more effort. I have Gabe "come from behind" to help Cody out; we all end up winning this game. Jessie Lee, who "heads" this squad, is typically looking for star quality, and he finds it on our all-star team.
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