DreamboyBondage - Kevin Brady - Sex Criminal - Part 5

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Description: After his brutal whipping, Kevin is hung by his wrists, stretched up on his tiptoes, an hour. Then, “by the grace of God,” he is lowered, limp and exhausted, and dragged to a corner for a “rest,” to abide by bureaucratic rules governing the time a young convict must be allowed to recover from preliminary tortures before being crucified. His crucifixion today is very special. The national media, after seeing photos of this muscular, young criminal, has decided to feature his crucifixion on tonight’s newscasts, to deter, they say, other potential sex criminals. Of course, their real motive is to grab ratings by showing such a beautiful boy being tortured, nearly naked. For the sake of the cameras, Kevin’s cock and balls are covered with the tiniest loincloth. “Will I be on national TV?” Kevin asks, as he’s dragged to the cross and his cock is covered. He has never been more ashamed, but he sure puts on a show, his perfect body crucified for all the world to see. Next week: Crucified naked, his balls shocked with electric current.
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