BarebackThatHole - Antonio Biaggi, Nick Moretti & Chad Brock

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Description: Antonio, Nick, and Chad are all groping one another as the camera pans in and finds this incredibility hot trio getting ready for sweaty raw action. Each takes turns on their hands and knees servicing each other’s cock. Chad displays his oral gifts as he swallows Antonio’s mammoth 10 x 7 uncut shaft straight down to the base. Chad is bent over and made to expose his twitching hairy hole. Antonio and Nick bury their faces into Chad’s crack, tag teaming rimming his hole as they tease with their fingers. Antonio taunts his ass as he slowly inserts his monster cock head into his raw hole with nothing more than Nick’s spit. Nick and Antonio continue to tag team his ass as they each pummel Chad’s bare hole in a variety of positions. Antonio’s huge hanging bull balls are a sight to see as they sway and slap Chad’s pierced guiche. Antonio shoots his load and breeds Chad’s hole with a huge thick load. He pulls his cock out and continues to shoot load all over his raw hole. Nick plays janitor as he sucks and cleans off Antonio’s cock. He also buries his face into Chad’s sloppy hole as he felches out the rest of Antonio’s load. With his lips covered in sloppy cum he sticks his own cock into Chad’s hole and starts to fuck him as a sloppy second. Nick pulls out and adds his load to the mix as he shoot his nut all over Chad’s gaping hole. Nick continues to pump him full as Chad jerks himself off. He shoots off a huge load straight into Antonio waiting mouth and tongue. Antonio savors the taste of his load as they each come together and share and swap kisses. What is it about a really huge cock that turns even the biggest of Tops into a raging bottom? Then again, when you consider we’re talking about Antonio Biaggi and his Monster Meat, it’s easy to understand. The man isn’t just good looking. He’s toned, has the biggest pair of balls we’ve ever seen, and he’s smart, to boot. Oh, heart be still! Maybe we have a bit of a crush on this Latino stud or maybe we just want to join Chad Brock and Nick Moretti in servicing his really big dick. In this scene he’s paired up with ever-hungry bareback pig Chad and tattooed, Italian daddy Nick. The Mohawk-sporting, guiche pierced Chad has been giving in to his Inner Top but there’s none of that for him today. Not with Biaggi around. It’s all about Chad’s hungry hairy fuckhole and Antonio’s 10×7 monster. But there’s a bit of a surprise when Nick decides he wants to get in on that bareback bottom action. He gives up his Daddy ass to Antonio, thus proving our premise that ALL tops eventually go bottom for the right man or the right cock. Especially when it’s a humongous slab of beef that’s bigger than theirs! Ahhh, the power of meat.