STR8Hell - Ondra Taryk - SPANKING

Duration: 21:59 Views: 1 850 Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: Ondra Taryk is such a great looking str8 guy. In this spanking scene he is shackled and gagged and wearing just his underwear. His tormentor arrives and slaps Ondra's ass and then starts to feel all over that hot body. The hand slap on the beautiful chest as Ondra moans. A riding crop is used to hit on that chest which makes Ondra moan loudly. His crothc is groped too and then the heavy hands slap on his chest. Nipple clamps are applied too and then the underwear is pulled down to expose Ondra's cock, balls and bush. The hairy bush is pulled and that chest is slapped some more. Clothes pins are attached the Ondra's balls and the riding crop is used again. Then he is turned around to have his sexy ass spanked. The heaving hands land on that ass and the riding crop is used too. Ondra is laid on the floor with is ass in the air. That ass is oiled and a finger is worked into his hole. He moans as he feels it. A thumb goes in too and then that sexy ass is spanked some more. Ondra moans loudly as the finger works his hot hole so deep. Then he is allowed to stand up and wanks his cock until he cums.