Himeros.tv - Secret To Cocksucking

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Description: Featuring Josh Brady and Pierce Paris, this video is inspired by Brad Leaf Amberheart The secret to hot, wonderful and fulfilling oral sex is… listening. We will all become better at sucking cock - or any type of sex - by taking even just a few minutes to completely listen to our partner and respond to what feels good. Because this varies from partner to partner, there is no “right way” or “best way” to suck cock. Instead, we’ll all become better cock suckers by asking our partner what feels good, listening to how our partner responds, and by experimenting with his suggestions. As a receiver, it’s vital to let your partner know when you’re experiencing pleasure by making sound. If it’s feeling good, let him know it - with words, moans, groans, ahhhs and shouts of pure delight. A great way for both partners to deepen their skills is to set a timer and take turns giving and receiving for a few minutes each - with the express agreement that the receiver gives feedback about what feels good - or what doesn’t - and has the courage to ask for what he would like. Enjoy.