CorbinFisher - Timothy

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Description: Easy-going with bright eyes and always laughing, Timothy is a good ol’ boy who currently works in a BBQ restaurant. I think we’ll need to sample some of his special sauce! Timothy was at a friend’s party during high school when he lost his virginity. He was in an old station wagon parked outside. He and the girl he was with did it while a bunch of people were clustered around the car. He doesn’t think they noticed him getting it on, but I don’t think that would stop him! His ideal girl would be tan, have long, curly brown hair and definitely has to have a body, “kind of like the Coke bottle-figure.” Timothy’s favorite part of a woman’s body is her ass, so it’s not surprising he likes to fuck doggy-style. Besides doggy-style, he also likes a reverse-cowgirl. Timothy was pretty young when he first started jacking off. He has a girlfriend now, so he doesn’t have to jack off so much currently. She doesn’t know he’s doing the video, even though he admitted she might actually like it. He strips off his shirt and shows off his lean build. Timothy says he mainly stays in shape by hunting, fishing and some working out. He mainly gets compliments on his abs, but he feels his best feature are his eyes. Timothy gets on the bed and starts stroking his long cock. He strokes and thrusts up as if he were already fucking some girl! Timothy must have a vivid imagination. He also massages his chest and nipples as he strokes, running his hand up and down his lean torso. Timothy gets up on his knees, and rubs his chest again. He alternates between stroking his slightly curved cock fast and stroking it slowly. He even grabs his ass at one point. Laying back again, Timothy’s cock is rock hard. He says he’s about to come. He shoots hard, blasting his load all over his abs, legs and chest! He says he was thinking about a girl he met last week. Guess his girlfriend definitely can’t see this video now!