UKnakedMen - James Huck & Rudy Valentino

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Description: He's back, that sexy cheeky, insatiable fucker - James Huck and he's grappling with a beautiful sexy brunette, Rudy Valentino, this one is smoking, sweaty hot for a Winter's night. We strip them down to their perfect, tanned skin, after a long passionate kiss and grope session, Rudy is holding on to his hunky top guy for all he's worth, desperate to feel that throbbing length of uncircumcised deep inside him - and as you know when James Huck gets going he's a real piston, luckily Rudy is fired up and ready for the onslaught . These sexy, lithe young lads suck each others uncircumcised dicks and wriggle out of their clothes to be standing proud and erect, as Rudy spreads his eager, peachy butt cheeks and braces himself for that stiff uncut tool! ?
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