DreamboyBondage - Timarrie Baker - Young Private part 3

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Description: Timarrie Baker is bolted spread-eagled on the torture table, his huge cock ready to burst out of the jock his captors have dressed him in. Timarrie has been in shock for hours after the long, slow torture of the cross, but now his “rest” is over. “Time to wake up, private!” Jared yells, slapping the young soldier’s face. “I’m not a spy! I’m a soldier with the U.S. Army!” Private Baker exclaims, repeating his rank and serial number. “Shut up!” Jared bellows, striking the wall with a bullwhip. “I was going to slice your beautiful body with this whip, but I’ll spare you if you pump out a hot load of cum, pretty boy,” Jared sneers. Timarrie is terrified so he obeys. Moments later his 10-inch, rock-hard cock spews rope after rope of cum all over his abs. “You’ve had your fun, now let me go!” he says. Jared replies by slicing his chest and abs with the bullwhip, over and over.