CockyBoys - JJ Knight & Sean Zevran

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Description: Sean Zevran is in bed stripped down to his underwear and tugging in his wrist and ankle restraints if JJ Knight moves to begin a bondage session. . .in that Sean is a participant. JJ is teasingly tender with Sean and his cock and matters get hotter as JJ strips nude and lies along with him. He blindfolds Sean and enjoys his muscular body even more while incorporating more strength to his sensory deprivation using a feather tickler over his physique. JJ makes out with Sean but also runs a Wartenberg pinwheel along with his sensitive skin before he finally takes his cock to give it a oral care. He even intensifies this by concurrently using a FleshJack Quickshot onto Sean's shaft because he blows off him. As he continues, JJ feeds his cock into Sean' hungry mouth and that spurs him to act. JJ takes away the blindfold, eliminates the ankle restraints and dives in to eat out his ass and start fucking him passionately. Because he fucks deeper JJ unshackles Sean in every way. Together with his wrists Sean retains JJ tighter and soon his big, muscled ass is riding his licking cock. JJ doesn't have order him about either. Sean readily bends over for heavy duty ass-pounding and moves back on his back thus JJ may fuck a massive load from him. Shortly after that JJ stands above Sean who licks his balls into expectation of a face. But JJ's load is so pent-up his cock shoots cum Sean's chest, chest, face and parts unknown. Smiling happily they kiss and BOTH provide a thank you for complete satisfaction.
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