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Beefcake Hunter - Justin & Jacobo - The big Js filling my holes

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Description: As many Hunters know, Beefcake Justin was at BeefcakeHunter headquarters a few Sundays ago for a webcam show; it was then that I took the opportunity that he was in town to finally make true a full threesome, since my first try, a couple of years ago with Beefcake Prince and Beefcake Sergio did not go all the way. So, I contacted Beefcake Jacobo to see if he was down, and who better than him right? To make The big Js filling my holes video a reality, both of them have a lot of fans and they were already due to get some service here at BeefcakeHunter Land! During the webcam show, Justin announced and gave some tips about this scene, and I know many of you were eager to know exactly what it was about? Believe me, I was dying to spoil the surprise! Hahaha, but well finally it’s Wednesday and here it is!
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