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HotGuysFuck - Big Dick Trent Herman Fucks Blonde Renee Hurtz

Duration: 23:01 Views: 28 030 Submitted: 9 months ago Submitted by:
Description: Ok... Let's just get this out of the way... Trent Herman has a Big dick. Ironically enough, Renee Hurtz Loves herself a big, fat, college boy cock. When these two first set eyes on each other, you could just tell that they were both Very excited to get their fuck on with each other. I still remember when Renee flopped Trent's dong out for the first time and said, "You have a big cock!". Paired with the genuine look on her face, I am guessing it may have been the biggest dick Renee has ever had. Just because this frat boy is hung like a horse doesn't mean he is going to take it easy on Renee's tight little pussy either. Trent test the waters out quick and fucks her hard and deep... and Renee only begs for more.