DreamboyBondage - Connor Halsted - Pron Star Tortre part 7

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Description: Jared continues to whip Connor Halsted’s beautiful chest and abs. The boy looks so good stretched on the wooden table, arms overhead, stomach sucked in, abs fluttering. The young stud literally convulses with pain every time the whip strikes him. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Conner screams. His super-lean frame - he’s maybe 7% body fat - provides no protection from the whip, which cuts into his flesh with each blow. Then Jared makes it even worse, attaching heavy weights to the ropes holding Connor’s wrists above his head, stretching the boy’s body as Jared continues to whip it. “Do you want this to stop, Connor?” Jared asks. “My client says I can stop hurting you if you can pump out another load of cum.” Connor immediately agrees. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!” he says. And he sure does. Connor might be scared, exhausted, and in pain, but he’s still a porn star and his cock never disappoints.
Models: Connor Halsted