Jared Fucks Logan

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Description: I think Jared hardly knew what hit him in this video! This lean, shaggy haired, great looking young stud really got into things when Nick gave him his first taste of guy-on-guy action, CF style. Jared had his arm around Nick and a look of absolute bliss on his face throughout, and fired off a hot load! But even with that “practice”, I don’t think he knew what was in store for his first ever shot at topping another guy, with Logan being his partner! Jared had shared being somewhat curious as to what it’d be like with another guy, and so we wanted to make sure that curiosity was satisfied with a mind-blowing experience! Right from the get go, Logan is all over Jared with intensity and enthusiasm. From sucking Jared’s thick dick to licking him all over; from sitting himself down on Jared’s cock and taking it deep in his tight hole; from aggressively kissing Jared throughout, Logan didn’t hold anything back! At times, it really did look like Jared was blown away by it all and most definitely caught off guard. When you’re in a scene with Logan, nothing gets done half-heartedly and every thing’s on the table, and Jared found that out the fun way! Eventually, Jared can’t help but be caught up in it all, as well, and many a CF stud has found out how great it can feel having Logan bouncing around on your dick just as Jared does in this video! Sometimes I can’t help but think Logan should be the one to bottom for every new CF stud’s first hardcore guy/guy scene because I’d imagine they’re looking at him and the obvious ecstasy on his face and hearing his undeniable moans of pleasure thinking to themselves, “Damn… it must really feel pretty damn good!!”. Indeed, Jared gets way into it and even grabs a hold of Logan’s cock and strokes it at pace with Logan’s fast and furious riding while returning Logan’s passionate kisses. A particularly endearing part of this video, for me, was when Jared froze up as he fucked a big load out of Logan. I’m sure he had no idea what to do when he realized Logan was cumming. “Should I stay still so I don’t hurt him? Should I stop so that I don’t ruin the moment for him? Will I kill his orgasm if I keep going?” The rest of us know that when Logan’s getting closer to cumming… fuck harder, faster, and deeper and send him over the top!! ;)