Blowing Brock - Jeffrey

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Description: Brock has to be one of the biggest guys I’ve ever worked with. I mean, he’s huge – his upper arms are bigger than my legs! He is just a total slab of beefcake. During his first film, I asked him about the possibility of being with another guy, half expecting him to punch me in the nose for it. But instead he laughed and said he was up for trying anything once. I was concerned, though, that 1) it was going to be tough to get him to relax with another guy’s mouth over his johnson, and 2) he’s so big that he would intimidate anyone I tried to pair him with. After thinking about it for a while, one person came to mind – Jeffrey. Not only is he a master cock sucker, he has an uncanny gift for being able to make other people feel comfortable. Plus he’s just so darn cute! When I got the two of them together, Brock was pretty nervous but Jeffrey was cool as could be. I had Brock get naked and flex his big muscles for me, and then I had him crawl up on the bed on all fours with his beefy, hairy ass up in the air, just ready to be eaten. Enter Jeffrey, who planted his face right into Brock’s bubble butt. Jeffrey started working Brock’s hole and to my utter amazement Brock really seemed to love it. So much so, in fact, that his cock sprang to attention almost immediately. After eating out Brock’s ass, Jefferey went to work on his cock. It was great watching Jeffrey make Brock squirm. Then, when Brock couldn’t take anymore, he shot a huge load all over Jeffrey’s face!