Chris Rockway and Jayden Tyler

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Description: Chris Rockway was helping Jayden Tyler with his workout in the Randy Blue gym but he really could not stop looking at his smokin ass. I do not know of kissing and blowjobs are part of successful muscle jock training but it sure makes for a hot video. Chris starts going down on that delicious cock and Jayden is more than happy to return the favor. Then Chris gives his ass one fuck of a blowjob before ramming his hard throbbing cock deep inside. I think Jayden loves getting fucked as much if not more than Chris loves fucking and the two of them make a stunning pair together. And it is really something to see when Jayden shoot his load all over the workout bench with Chris still buried deep inside him. But when it is time for Chris to cum Jayden perches himself right in front so he can try to catch every drop. And by the droplets of cum all over his face and in his hair he obviously is not very successful. But really, who is going to complain.